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We have been offering the residential and commercial air conditioning services Melbourne wide for over 35 years.  We are a family-run business specialised in the fields such as sale, installation and repair of all the leading brands in air conditioners such as split systems, evaporative cooling, ducted heating and ducted refrigerated systems. 

Our goal is to keep you in comfort and we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service. We aim to provide you with the best deals on heating and cooling in Melbourne.


Which product shall I pick up? 

We provide a comprehensive service to our customers for air conditioning sales, installation, service & maintenance. We are the dealers for only those mostly trusted brands and we guarantee, with our professional customer service, your choice on your heating and cooling system as the best and most suitable one.

Our experts have the industry experience and they are highly trained with technical know-how to guide you through your purchase. During the consultation, our sales will take you through our range and explain in details the difference between products, such as standard split systems and multi-head split systems, evaporative coolers and ducted refrigerated air conditioners, etc.

In addition, they will listen closely to your enquiries and needs to assist you to choose a system that will both save you most on your bills and best fit your home.

Best deals from Samsung to Braemar

We regularly partner with leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Braemar, Breezeair to run our specials. We are able to purchase heating and cooling systems from those brand owners with the best prices, so that we can pass the savings onto our residential and commercial customers and help you save too.

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Evaporative Cooling installation & Service Clarinda

After many years of operating in Clarinda, we have built a team of highly trained evaporative cooling experts who are able to respond to your cooling installation and servicing needs 24/7. We understand that your time is valuable and it explains why we turn up on time, every time. Our aim is to keep you in comfort.


Evaporative cooling systems provide a cost effective water solution with fresh air blown through vent outlets, forcing the warmer air out of open windows, to your home. Keeping the residents of Melbourne wide cool all year around. 


What is evaporative cooling unit and how does it work?

An evaporative cooling system is known as the most cost effective solution for cooling your entire home and uses only fresh air and the process of evaporative to cool your place. It is said that evaporative cooling system is the most beneficial air conditioning unit for allergy and asthma sufferers because dust and pollens are filtered. Air conditioning service offers professional installation on a range of reliable, energy efficient and cheap evaporative cooling units.

Evaporative cooling systems consist of a centralised cooling unit that is connected to a series of discreet vents and points through your home. It draws fresh air through moistened pads, because the air passed through it is cooled and filtered and then it will be delivered throughout your place. The warmer air is transported out of open windows, leaving your home cool during hot weather. Obviously, evaporative cooling provides a cost effective home air cooling solution.

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At Air Conditioning Service, we employ our own friendly, helpful installation staff who are well trained in all fields of air conditioning installation. Our customer’s application and environment is way important to us. So we strive to keep you in comfort 24/7 and achieve total Customer Satisfaction.


Servicing your evaporative coolers regularly is an inherent part of any cooling system if it is to perform correctly to manufacturer’s specifications. Here at Air Conditioning Service, we pride ourselves on our in-house Maintenance Contracts.

Why Choose US?

We provide a professional and friendly air conditioning service to our customers. We service a wide range of split systems, evaporative cooling, ducted refrigerated systems and add-on cooling systems.

Evaporative Cooling Servicing and Maintenance

It is recommended to have your evaporative cooling system serviced regularly to make sure your unit is working safely and efficiently. Servicing and regular maintenance will not only make sure that your system is up and running, keeping you in comfort in your place, it has the benefit of reducing your power bills and ensuring the lifetime of the system is extended as long as possible as well.


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What is included in an evaporative cooling service?

  • Remove filter pads, check and wash (over time pads get build-up of salts, dirt and dust). Annual maintenance will make sure clean filtered air is being blown through your ducts and into your home. 
  • Remove dump valve/ snorkel and then clean internal basin of cooler, removing all sludge and salts build up.
  • Remove pump from pump basket and clean both pump and basket of dirt and any leaf matter then re instate pump. 
  • Remove spider webs from inside of the unit and on the outside of casings and filters
  • Clean and check fan and inspect balance
  • Re-fit pads and give the unit an anti-bacterial panel wash

*Please be advised that servicing of any products does not include repair work. Repairs are billed separately or may need to be referred back to the manufacturer and the cost will be advised before any repair work is carried out. 

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