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We have been offering the residential and commercial air conditioning services Melbourne wide for over 35 years. We are a family-run business specialised in the fields such as sale, installation and repair of all the leading brands in air conditioners such as split systems, evaporative cooling, ducted heating and ducted refrigerated systems.

Our goal is to keep you in comfort and we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service. We aim to provide you with the best deals on heating and cooling in Melbourne.


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We provide a comprehensive service to our customers for air conditioning sales, installation, service & maintenance. We are the dealers for only those mostly trusted brands and we guarantee, with our professional customer service, your choice on your heating and cooling system as the best and most suitable one.

Our experts have the industry experience and they are highly trained with technical know-how to guide you through your purchase. During the consultation, our sales will take you through our range and explain in details the difference between products, such as standard split systems and multi-head split systems, evaporative coolers and ducted refrigerated air conditioners, etc.

In addition, they will listen closely to your enquiries and needs to assist you to choose a system that will both save you most on your bills and best fit your home.

Best deals from Samsung to Braemar

We regularly partner with leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Braemar, Breezeair to run our specials. We are able to purchase heating and cooling systems from those brand owners with the best prices, so that we can pass the savings onto our residential and commercial customers and help you save too.

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